The (great) idea !

You are an international company willing to shake your employer branding (for real) beyond (geographical but most importantly cultural) borders?

We are convinced that personal authenticity trumps professional context. We believe we are more bent on understanding cultural rules when off-work rather than on the job… while facilitating multicultural skills when you’re back at work!

Having your employees, your colleagues (and their families) experience HOLIZZY® allows for 3 types of genuine and multicultural interactions:

  • Hosting a colleague for a meal @ home when he/she is on business travel on your location
  • Hosting a colleague (and his/her family) during his/her vacation at your place
  • Swapping homes

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It works great... but how?

We offer a modular rather than a linear approach. You may pick and choose amongst the following services:

Digital platform 

We check with you the interest of your employees in HOLIZZY® concept. We design the digital platform in a secure way to plan the multicultural interactions.

We deliver the digital tool (and may host it on a server on your behalf if you prefer) and remain responsible for user support and IT maintenance.

Executive Training

Certified at INSEAD, Sébastien can lead modules on multicultural management, on your company’s culture or on distant team management.  With the help of selected experienced training professionals, we also offer to design specific training sessions with a clear set of objectives.


We crash test the reality of your employer branding internationally through a health-check of :

  • Your employees’ perception
  • Your promises as a company
  • The employee experience taking into account their culture

Our consultants

Partnership, development & training

He is in charge of partnerships, business development, project management and training. 

Passionate about intercultural dynamics and international project management, he has worked in HR in an Oil&Gas major and has led training modules for C-suite team leaders and senior consultants.  He’s had the chance to feel frustrated about multicultural challenges as well as to savour multicultural success!

He has worked in Australia, in Scotland  and has spent (way too much) time in hotels abroad. That’s when the idea of HOLIZZY® dawned on him.

More information and background available on Linkedin:


Digital communication

Coming from Digital Marketing, he worked for 8 years as Production Director in a digital agency before launching his own communication agency, Agence And. He oversees & manages tailor-made digital projects for national brands in sectors such as insurance, banking, industry, new technologies, culture and even tourism.

He spends most his time on his computer (even on vacation) on the lookout for new technologies, changes in the habits of Internet users as well new trends in online consumption.

More information and background available on Linkedin:

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